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Christine Gravina
By: admin
Dec 29, 2014

Date of Birth:      8/11/61

Day job:                  Housewife

What made you sign up for the Nivea 5X5 Challenge? To be honest , I was roped in by Muccia! However, the Ladybird foundation is a wonderful cause and I felt that it’s a great time to do something to help some less fortunate children. I am one of the lucky ones to have been chosen for this challenge.  Thank you so much.

 Have you ever attempted such a distance before? No I haven’t. My longest walk, apart from the half marathon, was last summer, when we did the Camino Di Compostela.  On our longest day we covered 30 kilometres.

What are your thoughts as you look forward to the challenge ahead? Well, quite a few thoughts go through my mind. I am certain that we will manage, however, along the way, I hope that we do not get injured, due to overtraining or not hydrating ourselves enough. Due to the heat and humidity it is also going to be a difficult task to find the right time to train. However, that is what the challenge is about.

We will manage!