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David Demarco
By: admin
Jul 22, 2015

DOB : 14.12.1961

Day job: Chief Financial Officer – MSV Life plc

What made you sign up for the Nivea 5X5 Challenge?

I had followed the previous Nivea Challenge through the media a couple of years ago, and quite liked the bringing together of five activity disciplines into one. Then i got a call from my friend John Montanaro encouraging me to give the run a go and that got me rushing to fill up the 2015 application form

Have you ever attempted such a distance before?

No ! it appears daunting and our September sun and humidity are not likely to help much. However that’s part of the challenge and John has put together a 22 week programme of effort. I’m focusing on the programme build up week by week and building my stamina levels incrementally.

What are your thoughts as you look forward to the challenge ahead?

Well, firstly it will be good to hit the fund raising target – it’s a great cause to collect funds for. Secondly, we are a super team of five runners and there is going to be loads of support and encouragement along the way, so it’s a tough challenge but the team and the organisers and families will make this happen, without a doubt. It will be good to “tick the box” and reach that goal of 51k in a single run.