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Karl Borg
By: admin
Jul 22, 2015

Date  of  Birth:   26/06/86
Day  Job:   Architect & Civil Engineer

What  made  you sign  up  for  the  Nivea  5X5  Challenge?

What at first simply seemed like a challenge to my physical stamina, is becoming a constant reminder of what a privilege LIFE is. As our days get busier, the real challenge is stopping, and finding the time and energy to donate to others. I’ve now learnt, that apart from putting some joy into a few childrens’ lives, the Ladybird Foundation is also putting joy into all the participants’ hearts by providing them with the opportunity to GIVE!

Have  you  ever  attempted  such  a  distance  before?

Although i paddle regularly recently, never attempted more than 15k yet… target is 75 🙂

What  are  your thoughts  as  you  look  forward  to  the  challenge  ahead?

Can’t wait for the experience itself with the fellow kayakers 🙂