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Luke Rizzo
By: admin
May 21, 2015

Date of Birth: 03/03/1987

Day Job: Lawyer at Deloitte

What made you sign up for the Nivea 5X5 Challenge? The truth is that it was a combination of factors. Primarily, it was the Ladybird Foundation’s noble cause and the efforts of its members. Apart from that I was encouraged to take part by a friend of mine that participated in the last Nivea 5X5 Challenge who had only good things to say about the whole experience.

Have you ever attempted such a distance before? Not even close! I only bought the bike I’ll use on the day last February and before that the only other bike I owned was a blue BMX I was given by my “sister” when she came home from hospital after being born. Needless to say, I welcomed her with open arms.

What are your thoughts as you look forward to the challenge ahead? It’s definitely going to be very tough and at the moment even just thinking about the distance that needs to be covered is a challenge. However, I have no doubt that after having spent countless hours on the saddle I will make it!