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Jul 22, 2015

Date of Birth: 25/08/72

Day Job: Managing Director at Sigma Coatings Malta

What made you sign up for the Nivea 5X5 Challenge? It’s a wonderful cause; the Ladybird Foundation has made a real difference to children’s lives and it’s a privilege to be able to play a small part in that.

Have you ever attempted such a distance before?

 Not even close! We’re aiming to swim 16km, we can just about do 5 at the moment. But we’re slowly building it up week by week…

What are your thoughts as you look forward to the challenge ahead?

There are far too many things to worry about – injury, exhaustion, over-training, nutrition, hypothermia, technical deficiencies, the weather, the currents, jellyfish, sharks, and irresponsible seacraft, to name a few. So my plan is not to worry about anything, to keep in mind why we’re doing it, and to somehow muddle through. It’s working so far!