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Peter Perotti
By: admin
Jul 22, 2015

DOB: 2 May 1961

Day Job: Banker

What made you sign up for the Nivea 5×5 Challenge?

When John and David asked me to form part of the Running Team I immediately accepted as I felt that this challenge will give me an opportunity to dedicate my energy to help raise funds for a noble cause.  I became even more engaged when I got a better understanding of the good work by the Ladybird Foundation to help young children achieve their dream. as I believe that the daily challenges faced by these young children and their families should be an eye-opener for all those who take everything around them for granted.

Have you ever attempted such a distance before?

I have never run continuously for such a distance although I did cover around 50 kilometers with a couple of interval rests when I was one the support runners for Nathan Farrugia during the UltraMed Challenge in Corsica last year.

What are your thoughts as you look forward to the challenge ahead?

We definitely have a tough time ahead of us as we train for this challenging run and my aim is to avoid serious injuries as the training intensifies and to find the energy as the summer heat starts to set in.  I am however confident that our work as a team will have us well prepared for this run.